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White Reflective Roofs in Seattle

Reflective Roofs in Seattle

At first thought, one might think that installing a white reflective material on the roof might have a negative impact here in the Puget Sound area, but as one professional has stated, “research shows that the heating benefits of a dark roof in the winter are negligible because days are shorter, skies are cloudier, the angle of the sun is low, and sometimes roofs are covered in snow. “The amount of heat savings you may lose in the winter would be, at the maximum, 30 percent of the summertime savings. If you need cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, no matter where you are, a white roof will most likely save you money.” Moreover, white reflective roofs also help lower smog levels and the product lasts much longer because the suns uv-rays do not “eat” the product up, so to speak, like traditional petroleum based roofing products.


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