PRP Payment Solutions

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PRP Payment Solutions

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals Payment Solutions provides a range of flexible options that enable you to structure your spending to meet your Home Improvement needs. Whether your Home Improvement is a New Roof that you hadn’t planned for or a much wanted new Solar Roof and Energy Storage System to offset Energy costs, PRP Payment Solutions can assist you in managing your total costs and investment priorities – while keeping your existing credit lines and cash free for other investments. In addition, PRP Payment Solutions can be invaluable if you need to overcome budget shortfalls, payment timing constraints or cash flow challenges. PRP Payment Solutions gives you the flexibility to do so on your own terms by letting you align payments to your own personal needs.PRP works with third-party financing providers to facilitate payment solutions for credit-approved customers under the PRP Financing program

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are PRP Payment Solutions?

PRP works with third-party financing providers to facilitate payment solutions for credit-approved customers under the Pinnacle Roofing Professionals Financing program.
PRP Payment Solutions are a range of simple, convenient, and flexible payment options tailored to the needs of homeowners looking to make their Home Improvement Dream come true today. They enable you to structure spending so that it aligns with your budget, cash flow, or other cash flow issues. The result is that you can meet your home improvement needs quickly by getting the funding you need now without paying out of pocket.

What is the benefit of choosing PRP Payment Solutions?

PRP Payment Solutions helps design convenient, flexible options that can be tailored to allow you to structure your budget to meet your home improvements needs – close budget gaps, solve payment timing issues and get your home improvement project completed now. No application fees. No closing costs. No prepayment penalties. No Paperwork. Fast Credit decision. 100% unsecured financing OAC.

What can I use PRP Payment Solutions for?

PRP Payment Solutions are available for products and services that are sold through PRP including the New Roofs, New Solar Systems, Masonry/Chimney Work and some Roof Repair work.

What is the interest rate for PRP Payment Solutions?

PRP Payment Solutions offers several payment solutions that are interest free. However, if you choose a Traditional Installment Loan, rates are determined by market conditions, contract size, and customer credit status.

Is there a minimum or maximum transaction size?

You can apply for any amount necessary to finance the entire project up to $45,0000.00. The minimum amount of $1,000.00 is required.

Will down payments be required?

There is generally no requirement for down payments.

Can additional funding and services be added after the initial purchase?

Yes. New, unforeseen issues that result in change orders that affect the original scope of work and original loan amount may be added (assuming you qualify) at any time.

How do I get a PRP Payment Solutions application?

Contact your local PRP representative. E-mail to be connected with your dedicated PRP Payment Solutions Specialist.

How do I get a PRP Payment Solutions application?

Any residential customer that owns and lives in the home they seek to have home improvement work done to.

What are the general credit approval guidelines?

Financing providers in the Financing program use prudent, industry-standard lending terms and procedures. Lending decisions are made by the financing provider and are based on the creditworthiness of the customer. Credit terms and industry standards vary. Factors that have historically affected credit approval:
Size of Debt Burden
Have a good payment history as reported by outside credit bureaus
Have no history of bankruptcies and/or unfavorable judgements
Have a positive credit report
Frequency of Borrowing

These web pages are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer of credit by PRP or any affiliate of PRP. To receive financing, a customer must be credit-approved by the applicable third-party financing provider. The financing agreement sets forth the terms and conditions on which financing is offered.