Flat Roofing

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Pinnacle Roofing Professionals are experienced and qualified in maintaining, designing and installing flat roof systems. Flat roofs are growing in popularity because, among other things, they allow the roof space to be used as additional living space with roof decks and reduce overall framing costs on new structures.

With the advance of flat roofing technology, more homeowners and commercial businesses are choosing flat roofs in the Pacific Northwest. Without proper installation by an experienced flat roof professional, in areas like Seattle where rain is common, a flat roof can become saturated by rain and leak.


One of the most obvious benefits of having a flat roof is that they are easier to walk on and inspect. Flat roofs offer more horizontal surface and stability than sloped roofs.


Flat roofs can leak if water penetrates through the roof barrier or roof membrane covering, which can damage the insulation or structure beneath it. Sometimes it can go unnoticed and can take a long time for the damage to accumulate, so it’s important to hire a flat roof professional that knows how to install flat roofs for maximum roof life expectancy.

Flat roofs can also fail when the roof has inadequate drainage. For example, gravel, leaves and other debris can block drains, downspouts or gutters causing water to back up and pool, which in turn can force more water into small holes and cracks. If the water gets into cracks, it can freeze and break up the roof surface when the ice expands. This is common with torch down and hot tar roofs.


There are several flat roofing products on the market that are used for flat roofing. Torch Down, Hot Tar, EPDM, TPO and PVC are the most common in the Pacific Northwest. Pinnacle Roofing Professionals proudly installs PVC membrane roofs by IB Roof Systems and we are a certified installer of their product having installed over 2 million square feet of IB PVC membrane. We hold the highest credential by IB Roof Systems–the IB PRO SELECT Contractor credential. That is, we perform quality work that will put your mind at ease about the integrity of your roof system after the roofing process has been completed. Call for your free estimate today!