Energy Storage

Making the World a Better Place, by Accelerating the World’s Transition to Sustainable Energy, One Roof at a Time!


Back-up Power: Storage systems provide a home with power when the grid is down from power failure

Federal Tax Credit: When solar and storage are combined, the storage system qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit. If storage is added to an existing solar system, it also qualifies.

Self Consumption:  If we store our own power in a battery, PV system generation is stored in the batteries for use later in the day when there is not sufficient power from Solar PV to supply the home loads. You benefit by consuming the onsite-generated energy instead of exporting it to the grid during the day and purchasing power from the grid during evening and night times.

And More: Storage has so many more benefits that are harder to put a dollar figure to such as grid stability and security, helping minimize utility infrastructure, home business backup planning and so much more.