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Chimneys are one of the most overlooked aspects of a roof system. In fact, chimneys are exposed to the same harsh elements that most roofs are which can cause mortar joints to deteriorate, bricks to crack and masonry counter flashing to “pop.”


All materials that makeup a home or building are protected by the roof and eave, however, chimneys are unprotected exposing it severe elements of the weather, including rain, wind, snow, wind and winter freeze & thaw cycles. Because of a chimneys exposure to the elements, the masonry materials used in the construction of chimneys can deteriorate quickly because they absorb moisture. Due to the elements and exposure, chimneys experience stress and require fireplace chimney repair and chimney rebuilds.


An vital component of most all chimneys is the crown. No one takes a crown as seriously as we do here at Pinnacle Roofing Professionals! Like a house needs a roof to keep water from entering, a chimney needs a crown to protect the brick. Most brick masons simply mound mortar mix over the top chimneys to finish off the top of a chimney. Overtime ‘mortared crowns’ crack because they are porous. Water gets into these cracks and the “freeze and thaw” cycles of Winter weather deteriorate the crown further. Unless you correct the problem, you can expect further and rapid deterioration of the entire chimney.

When PRP replaces a chimney crown or rebuilds your chimney we will build a chimney crown that is not only rebar reinforced concrete, but we also use an actual form and pour the concrete so that the crown protrudes past the masonry to form a drip edge (see photos). PRP recommends having your chimney inspected by our qualified chimney masonry technician. If you suspect your chimney needs work, call us to schedule a time to have our chimney specialists come out and provide an estimate. Pinnacle Roofing Professionals has an in-house skilled chimney Mason experienced in all the most common masonry materials and can repair chimneys, rebuild chimneys or bring it up to industry standards or todays codes.

Rebuilt Chimney from Roof Line Up with new chimney counter flashing.


Pinnacle Roofing’s in-house skilled chimney mason can do partial chimney rebuilds, and total chimney rebuilds. Chimney rebuilds may be needed as a result of older bricks that are no longer code compliant, repairs or fireplace chimney repairs.

Or, your chimney can have leaks and experience water intrusion, which can cause extensive damage to the interior and exterior of the home and your masonry chimney. If water gets inside a chimney, it can cause rust in the steel and cast iron which can destroy the metals. If the metals are destroyed and there is water penetration, it can result in the need for chimney repair or a complete chimney rebuild.


Because of its exposure to the elements, a masonry chimney may need repairs from time to time. Chimney masonry repairs can be very troublesome and challenging for homeowners. Pinnacle Roofing Professionals is qualified to diagnose your chimney’s repair needs, and execute any repairs needed.

If your chimney is in need of masonry repairs or a complete rebuild, ask Pinnacle Roofing Professionals for a quote or advice about your project.