Cedar Shakes

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Here at Pinnacle Roofing Professionals we only use CCA treated cedar shakes that are a high quality cedar shake provided by the Imperial Shake Co. Ltd. Imperial specializes in, among other things, the production and distribution of premium quality Cedar Roofing materials. Imperial Shake Co. is located on the northern banks of the Fraser River, east of Vancouver, B.C. Only the finest old growth Cedar logs from the West Coast of B.C. are sourced for Imperial’s Product Lines.


Handsplit cedar shakes feature a rough split face and sawn back. Typical cedar shakes come in two different butt thicknesses; ½” (commonly referred to as Mediums in the roofing industry) and ¾” (commonly referred to as Heavys). Handsplit cedar shakes roofs are popular on traditional, ranch, historical and vacation homes or residential structures designed to blend with the natural and/or rustic surroundings.


In comparison, Tapersawn cedar shakes are between a sawn shingle and a split shake. Both surfaces are sawn and provide a more uniformed appearance compared to the rugged handsplit shake

Imperial Tapersawn 3/4-in Shake Roof installed at 8 inches to the Weather.


C.C.A. is the abbreviation for Chromated Copper Arsenate. C.C.A. treated shakes have been widely used throughout the world for the past fifty years. The chemical reaction that takes place inside the shakes once treated, results in a stable, non-leachable product that is totally odour free. The arsenate is in a molecular bound state; quite different from elemental arsenic and far less toxic.  If the shakes are treated to industry standards of retention and penetration, then available test and service records indicate that C.C.A. treated wood should last in the excess of forty years, even for marine or ground contact use. In all cases, properly C.C.A. pressure treated wood has been shown to outlast untreated cedar shakes. For more infor visit Imperials website at https://www.cedar-roofing.com/technical-data/treatment.aspx.