Torchdown Roofing

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One of the most common types of roofing seen used on flat roofs today is modified bitumen or rubberized asphalt, commonly referred to as torchdown roofing. A torch melts the asphalt onto the flat roof, creating an impermeable roof with protection from rainwater. The asphalt material generally comes in rolls and is applied with a torch or open flame. The process got its name from the installation process. Sheets are laid on the roof, and torched in the overlaps areas. Torchdown is available in smooth and granulated  and can be installed as a single-ply or dual-ply system.

When Torchdown roofing was first introduced to the roofing industry it was appealing due to its lower cost over hot tar roofing. However, this has been overcome by the increased cost of liability insurance associated with having an open flame on the roof. A small percentage of roofing contractors carry the proper insurance to work with torchdown roofs.


Although durable, torchdown roofs can be very high maintenance and require frequent repairs due to weathering and other natural causes. We recommend bi-annual inspections for torchdown roofs. PRP is experienced, licensed and insured to install and repair all types of torchdown roofing products for commercial and residential buildings.


The cost of installing torchdown roofing is generally only slightly less expensive than PVC roofing. Therefore, PRP recommends PVC over torchdown due to PVC’s superior performance. However, in some circumstances, Pinnacle realizes a torchdown roof system may be a better option for your home. Please note that we will not install torchdown on any commercial building unless simply performing repairs.

PRP is experienced in torchdown roof installations and torchdown roof repairs. More importantly, we carry the proper insurance coverage to install torchdown and perfrom torchdown repairs. Call us today for a free estimate 206.479.8595.