IB PVC Roof Systems

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IB PVC Roof Systems

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals is a leader in installing high-performance PVC membrane by IB Roof Systems for the commercial & residential industry, having installed over 1 million square feet

Our Flat and Low Slope roofing teams are experienced in designing, consulting and installing IB PVC Roof Systems for commercial and residential clients. IB PVC Roof Systems provides cutting-edge flat and low-pitched roofing products and systems with a lifetime residential warranty and up to a 25 year Commercial Warranty. The best flat/low slope product in the industry!

50 Mil. IB PVC Roof System. Shown in Dark Brown.

About IB PVC Roof Systems

IB Roof Systems have been protecting buildings and homes for more than thirty years and offer a 100% non-prorated lifetime warranty on Residential applications and up to 25-years on Commercial applications. The manufacturer, IB Roof Systems strives to stay on the cutting edge of roof technology, offering a premium product of single-ply PVC membrane formulation and manufacturing.

Pinnacle Roofing prefers to use only IB Roof systems over other PVC brands for the following reasons:

  • The PVC roof membrane is clean and fire retardant
  • Requires no maintenance programs to maintain 100% warranty
  • IB deals only with a national network of authorized installers and limits the availability of its products to them
  • IB Roof Systems decking membranes meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved standards
  • IB Roof Systems is the only single-ply membrane with a nationwide residential lifetime warranty
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Recyclable and earth friendly
  • Ponding water does not void warranty
  • Saves money in cooling costs
  • Approved by Energy Star
  • Cool Roof Rating Council Approved

IB PVC Roof System Warranty

Unlike other manufacturer’s, IB Roof Systems warranties are spelled out in simple terms without all the legal jargon. When comparing other manufacturer’s warranties, keep in mind that not all warranties are not all the same. Be aware of exclusions that will disqualify your roof from being protected for the length of the warranty duration. Moreover, some manufactures require routine maintenance along with documentation of such in order for the warranty to survive. Other warranties may also require a coating every few years to protect the original roof surface. With an IB Roof System, besides keeping your drains clog free you let the roof do its thing so you can do yours.

Lake Sammamish Project. Replaced granulated torchdown with 80 mil. Brown

Hire a Professional to Design and Install Your IB PVC Roof System

Having installed over a million square feet of IB’s PVC membrane, Pinnacle Roofing Professionals is an IB Roof System specialist experienced in advising, consulting and maintaining flat PVC roofs. We use IB’s cutting edge materials and designs for flat roof longevity and minimal maintenance. Call Pinnacle Roofing Professionals today for your free estimate!