kirkland solar


50 mil PVC membrane Roof by IB Roof Systems (Shown in white) - Solar Racking by PV Quick Mount and Iron Ridge - 280 watt PV Solar Modules by SolarWorld - Radian Series GS8048A Grid/Hybrid Inverter by Outback Power - GH 200 Battery for Grid/Hybrid Renewable Energy Storage by Outback Power


Kirkland Solar Project where we first installed a new 50 mil. IB Roof System. Next, we installed a Grid tied with Battery back up Solar system using an OutBack Power GS8048A Radion inverter along with Outback Power's GH 200 Batteries. SolarWorld 280 watt PV Modules were used on the roof. In this impressive solar system, when the grid is running properly, your home or business will use power generated from your solar panels or pull electricity from the grid. Any excess power generated over and above your needs goes back to your utility company for credits on your power bill in areas where net-metering is available. In the event of grid blackouts, these systems will switch to "off-grid mode" drawing power stored in your battery bank to power your home AND using your solar panels to recharge your battery bank.
Kirkland solar