Ballard Solar PV Project


Nu-Ray Standing Seam Metal Roofing (26-gauge, shown in Old Town Gray) Itek 280 HE PV Modules Blue Frog Micro-Inverters


This is a Ballard Solar PV Project where we installed a 7.8kw PV Solar System in the Ballard area of Seattle. First we replaced the old roof with a new using a Series 2000 panel by Nu-Ray metals. The solar system consists of Itek Energy modules with Blue Frog Micro-Inverters. This system is Grid tied and equipped with online monitoring. We used S-5 clamps to avoid penetrating the new metal roof and voiding the metal roof warranty. Considering solar? Choose a contractor that specializes in both roof and solar. #onecontractor #onewarranty#umbrellawarrantycoverage.